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Video and animation are widely used to educate employees and interact with customers because videos allow companies to present their brands in a more innovative and engaging way. To reach a global audience, these assets need localization to fit in each target language, region, and custom, otherwise, it may risk alienating the audience.

ExpertBCS is a leading provider of high-quality localization for videos and animations, including commercials, digital marketing and training programs. Our team of professional translators, video production technicians, native-speaking voice actors, QA testers, and other support members is specifically assembled to meet the needs and schedules of your projects.

On-Screen Text

ExpertBCS has vast experience handling complex video projects, our multimedia localization specialists have the know-how to extract the text, whether on-screen text, graphics with text overlay, animated text, or text elements in animations. We can extract the original text, translate, and localize them, and then re-create and replace them in your target-language video.


If the original video source file does not have a separate voice track, the words first get transcribed, then translated with the meaning and context retained, and then adjusted to cope with the timing, scene changes, lip movements, etc. Our services will re-record the content in the localized target language and replace the source-language audio track with the target-language translation in the original video file.


The original script of the video gets first transcribed, then translated and adjusted in accordance with the time codes. The translated subtitles are subsequently integrated into the video and displayed at the bottom of the screen. Closed captioning is a kind of subtitle that remains hidden until selected, the user has the option to turn this kind of subtitle on and off.

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